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Julie Saint-Fleur is a Haitian-American author from sunny South Florida. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in education while holding her place on the Dean’s List all throughout her time at Nova Southeastern University. Julie became a burn survivor July 21st, 2016. Just like Lilian, the main character in her children’s book, she was burned by oil in a fryer. As a burn survivor, educator, and motivational speaker she felt the importance of making others like her feel secure. She runs a “virtual burn support group” and also uses her social media presence to inspire survivors to stand in their truths.

As a published author, Julie has work printed in literary magazines and a few pieces in the draft process. Her latest work follows a young girl named, Lilian, who is making it through life as a burn survivor. The first book in the series was released in mid 2018 and continuations already in the writing process. Julie shares great hopes that this book will reach schools, burn units, and homes all over the world inspiring and reassuring all burn survivors that everything will be alright.

In her brief stint as a Burn Survivor, Julie has already been recognized by magazines and blogs around the world. Her most notable article being from Real People magazine based in London. Daily Mail released a shorter version of the same article shortly after. Julie has even been featured in publications in Nigeria and United States. In 2017 she was presented with a Humanitarian Award for demonstrating extraordinary leadership in philanthropy in human services.

The area of interest for Julie is “Realistic Fiction” in both the adult and children’s realm of reading. She plans to one day dominate book shelves with her voice and those of people she watched and admired growing up. She is open to the idea of writing an Autobiography.



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Lilian is Alright!

Lilian is excited for summer but it proves to be one of the most unforgettable ones yet. Her life is changed forever at the family’s barbeque party. She isn’t expecting what happens when she returns to school

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